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How to Care for Your Mattress


Proper care will help provide a longer life for your mattress. Follow these guidelines to ensure many years of sleeping enjoyment:

  • Always give your mattress proper support. If you have purchased a Queen or King size mattress, your frame must have a center support with legs (see illustration). Your warranty will be void if a center support with legs is not used with a Queen or King set.
  • Only use the handles for positioning the mattress. They are not designed for carrying purposes.
  • Always use a mattress pad. This will keep the mattress fresh and clean
  • Turn your mattress regularly. Turning your mattress will lengthen the life of the mattress and minimize body impressions. Turn your new mattress every two weeks for the first few months, then turn once every two or three months, or as needed.

How to turn or flip your mattress: